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Bonorong Wildlife Conservation Centre

Bonorong Wildlife Conservation Centre is a wildlife park situated some 40 minutes away towards the north of Hobart. The centre specializes in conservation, education and care of native Tasmanian animals. It was founded in 1981 as a sanctuary to house injured Tasmanian wildlife. This amazing place houses some native Australian animals like wallabies, sugar gliders, wombats, Tasmanian devils, kangaroos and spotted quolls.

The centre offers wildlife tours, once at 11:30 am and again at 2 pm to help you experience the unique wildlife interpretation along with conservation message. The tours generally include devil feeding, wombat encounter and getting close with koalas. Koalas are basically not the natural inhabitants of Tasmania, so you will get to see these unique creatures with the marsupials in gum trees. You will be provided with special food to hand feed the Forester kangaroos also.

The Bonorong Wildlife Conservation Centre also has a rehabilitation service to house and conserve injured and orphaned wildlife with the help of a big network of volunteers and half-way properties.

Facilities at the park

Among the facilities at the centre, there is a café and a gift shop. The Bush Gift Shop offers a wide range of souvenirs, books, toys, cards and even jeweller. Plus, refreshments and snacks are also available. You can enjoy lunch or some other food on the verandas of the Bush Shed Café.

Animals at the park

At Bonorong Wildlife Conservation Centre, you will find the Eastern Quoll, the Tasmanian devil, Tasmanian bettong and the Tasmanian pademelon. You will also find emus, golden possums, echidnas, potoroos, wombats and spotted-tailed quolls.

Bonorong has been a successful site for breeding Tasmanian devils for some 20 years. At present, there are some 17 devils that are quite playful and friendly.

Address: 593 Briggs Road, Brighton
Phone: (03) 6268 1184
Fax: (03) 6268 1811
Timing: 9am-5pm (daily except Christmas Day)
Admission Price:
Admission fee:
Adults: A$16 (US$14/£7.20)
Children under 15: A$8.50 (US$7.65/£3.80) | Resources | Add Links | Privacy | Disclaimer