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Dubbo Zoo

Dubbo is a gleaming inland city located on the intersection of two major rivers near New South Wales. Its location facilitates excellent trade and amidst tiny towns and pastoral and rural areas, lies the Western Plain Zoo under the authority of the Taronga Zoo. The Taronga Zoo used this place initially for breeding endangered species and for storage of animals with no rooms available at the main zoo. But the remarkable world class breeding programs gave this place a potential to develop into an open range zoo.

It has a 6 kilometres drive way through the 300 hectares of land that meanders its way in and out of animal areas. Many animals do not have enclosures which can allow you to grab opportunities to be stalked by a cheetah, catch the giraffe sneeze or allow your hands to get licked by the rhinos for a very intimate zoo experience. The behemoth of grassland has more than 800 species of animals ranging from white rhinoceros, echidnas, hippos, zebras, elephants, lions, giraffes, cheetahs, antelopes, Galapagos turtle, Bengal tiger to ring tailed lemurs.

Facilities at the zoo

The Dubbo or Western Plain Zoo allows overnight stay for families, animal lovers and school groups at the Zoofari Lodge, where luxury and comfort is chassis of the place. The lodge has top notch tents with a viewing deck, swimming pool, restaurant and bar. If you donít have your vehicle to take rounds in the zoo, personal and special guided tours are also available. The Macquarie River near the zoo has the most amazing scene of the river banks. A long walk along the river will take you to the Dubbo parklands and open up some worthy fishing spots.

Website: www.zoo.nsw.gov.au/taronga-western-plains-zoo
Email: wpz@zoo.nsw.gov.au
Address: Obley Rd, PO Box 831, Dubbo, NSW 2830
Phone: (61) 2 6881 1400
Fax: (61) 2 6884 1722
Timings: Open from 9 am to 4 pm daily.
Admission fee:
Western Plains Zoo Non-member price RACQ member price

  • Adult $45 $40.50
  • Child (4 -15yrs) $22 $20
  • Concession/student $30 $27
  • Family (2A + 2C) $109 $98
  • Family (2A + 1C) $91.50 $82.50
  • Family (1A + 2C) $72 $65
  • Extra Adult (Family) $37 $33.50

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