Building Design In Sydney

Building Design In Sydney

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  1. Merry Christmas to u too!!

  2. huzaifaq123 says:

    and merry christmas to you 🙂

  3. Peterpepperman says:

    Very nice video….The Sydney Opera House is amazing and unique…. One of
    kind in the world… Happy Holidays!

  4. Peter Kočiš says:

    It looks amazing! Merry christmas and Happy new year 🙂

  5. TunikaJonas says:

    @PeterKocisVOX thanks, same to you Peter :))

  6. TunikaJonas says:

    @huzaifaq123 you should! it is so nice 🙂 merry christmas 🙂

  7. It was probably your best holiday in my life Congratulates the idea for a
    movie because I really pobiłeś all limits Best fitting, I really am full of
    admiration And I think well you know what music to fit the film, I really
    congratulate you and wish you a Merry Christmas:)

  8. TunikaJonas says:

    @motofly11 thanks so much for your kind words Kamil! It definitely was one
    of the best holidays in my life 🙂 Happy holidays to you and your family 🙂

  9. vegetascoter says:

    I am out of words to describe this place and this vedio. Flim makers like
    micheal bay should make you help them in making films. If there is going to
    be transformers 4 you should FILM IT!!!!!!! Really you are the best.

  10. SoltauCruiser says:

    tolles Gebäude & tolles Video

  11. TunikaJonas says:

    @SoltauCruiser danke, ich finde es wunderschön 🙂

  12. TunikaJonas says:

    @vegetascoter thanks a lot, I really appreciate that! haha, but I think I’m
    not as good as Michael Bay and all the other professionals 😀

  13. Marcin Wojcik says:

    Atemberaubend ! :-)) Wenn man es paraphrasen würde, würde es so aussehen:
    Deine Kamera hat nicht gewust was es kann, bis es in deinen Händen einen
    Platz gefunden. When one would like to paraphrase the last sentence, It
    would look like this: Your camera did not know what it can do until it
    found itself in your hands. It can sound a litle bit odd and strange when
    somebody writes this but I am really so impressed with your art of making a
    video 🙂

  14. TunikaJonas says:

    @HM99AA thank you, I’m glad you like it 🙂 what a nice phrase, really
    appreciate that =)

  15. Dominik Ullrich says:

    @HM99AA lol, did you use google translator?? this german sounds pretty
    weird but nice phrase btw 🙂

  16. Marcin Wojcik says:

    @SuperApple1995 No, I did not use the translator 😉 I supposed while
    typing those words it might sound weird 😉 What would be your sugestion to
    express in a better way ( Hochdeutsch ) what I meant? As they say: everyday
    is a school day 🙂

  17. TunikaJonas says:

    Bitte 🙂

  18. inselvideo says:

    Fantastisches Video!Musik von Inception?Gruss inselvideo!

  19. TunikaJonas says:

    Ja, “Time” von Inception…einer der großartigsten Soundtracks aller Zeiten
    wie ich finde. Vielen Dank!

  20. SuperniusPL says:

    Great video. I posted a video on Australia has a lot of
    symbols: koala bear, kangaroo, bird kiwi and Sydney Opera House in the
    shape of shells by Joern Utzon. Great building, great movie.

  21. 2GamingCamels says:

    Hi ich muss nen referat über das opera house in englisch halten und möchte
    dazu auch filme schneiden. Darf ich ein paar video auszüge aus diesem video
    mit benuzen? Lg Nick 2GC

  22. TunikaJonas says:

    kein Problem, sorry für die späte antwort!

  23. Luciiana Gonzales says:

    Gracias por el video fue emocionante para mi Muchas Gracias :’)

  24. TunikaJonas says:

    Thank you!

  25. Helena Bella says:

    this is the most amazing and breathtaking video i’ve ever seen. 

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