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Common Refrigerator Problems

Even with frequent cleaning and maintenance, there’s no guarantee that a fridge freezer will remain functional. It’s one of the only household appliances that will need to remain active at all times and although most manufacturers will build their models to last, it’s not uncommon for faults to occur from time to time.

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Hiring a refrigerator repair expert is often the thing to do if a fridge is playing up, and a qualified technician will then typically evaluate the condition of the device, before deciding on how best to proceed. But what types of problems occur the most and when can an event be ignored? Here’s a little more information relating to the most common fridge and freezer problems.

Failure to maintain a cool temperature

This is one of the most common problems that fridge owners can face. If it becomes obvious that a fridge is failing to keep cool on a consistent basis (typically via food spoiling sooner), then it could be down to any one of the following reasons.

The first relates to the internal rubber stripping that acts to seal the door when it is closed. If this seal is damaged, then air at room temperature can enter and this can cause an increase in internal temperatures. The second issue relates to the thermostat and if the responsible component is unable to function properly (sometimes due to age and other times down to damage), the fridge will struggle to maintain its core temperature.

In either event, it’s advisable to get in touch with a fridge repair specialist as they will be able to take care of the rectifications.

Interruptions in power flow

All fridges will need to be connected to a secure source of power in order to operate. If this source becomes damaged, or if the length of cabling suffers decay – the result will typically be a loss in power or a failure to activate altogether. It’s never a good idea attempt a repair without the proper level of training.

Instead, consider hiring a repair agency to take care of the task for you. This will minimise the risk of electric shock and as most fridges weigh in excess of 60kg, there won’t be any risk of damage or injury.

Faulty lighting

Most fridges will be fitted with an internal light that will activate whenever the door is opened. If the switched becomes damaged, or if the bulb itself blows, then it’s a good idea to have an expert take care of the replacement or maintenance. Although minimal when compared to the above faults, it can still be pretty detrimental to the functionality of a fridge.

Having the light replaced or the switch fixed can take less than an hour and is very inexpensive.