Building Interior Design

Building Interior Design

Minecraft Tutorial: Awesome Interior House Design Tips (House Building Project Part 33)Looking For An Awesome Minecraft Server Hosting Site? Try

Well hello there, GoodTimesWithScar here bringing you a Super Awesome Minecraft Episode. In this new series of video tutorial guides we build an awesome Minecraft house in scarland. This house will have a living room, kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, crafting storage rooms, greenhouse off the side of the house and a pool. In part 33 We return to the house and finish the interior design of the entryway.

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25 Responses to “Building Interior Design”

  1. The interior doesn’t look “awesome” at all… You just contrasted different
    wood blocks which everyone knows to do. Very basic ideas. For real interior
    tips Keralis is a good place to start

  2. Armadillo potato craft says:

    Geez I never knew some1 could b this good at building… :)

  3. BoobieNizer says:

    You have the same intro music as BaronVonGrumble

  4. chloe cordes says:

    He deserves more subscribers because he’s awesome!

  5. Tinara Loves Blue says:

    Choice A for the staircases

  6. Creeper_Girl_15 says:

    >.> I am seriously jealous of how good a builder you are! Hm, I am only
    13… But still!

  7. Cameron Kerr says:

    Texture pack????

  8. abcd123430205 says:

    Talking about yourself in the third person with some faggot name is the
    most annoying thing stfu

  9. Scott Meyers says:

    A for stairs

  10. You’re a very good builder! Love your designs.

  11. Little Bit of FUN says:

    A choice! :)

  12. rate eightx says:

    Staircase A

  13. Erin Sebenste says:

    B! :)

  14. u talk weird dont like it

  15. Dat Gamer 2 says:

    I have built so many houses that are amazing but yours is better than all
    of them

  16. Helmand Nassery says:

    Who pool

  17. logan steenson says:

    Staircase a

  18. Can anybody else Hear a cat at 1:20 and then shortly after

  19. Hahaha just realised it was the ocelot :-)

  20. Oh I though he was speaking in like alien language at first 

  21. IllestCookie says:


  22. Itachi Bird says:

    He takes decorating school

  23. Hamton Gadel says:

    This guy reminds me of Bob Ross

  24. VELOCITYxFTW says:

    Don’t go on castros channel and say you hate him 

  25. Posh Troll says:

    Looks really awesome!